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Weight Pull Harness (Nordkyn)

This traditional singletree harness is used for weight pulling, sledding, and heavy-duty hauling. Frequently, it is used in wheel position (near the sled) because the low-draft hitch is more level with the gangline.

This harness comes with a hardwood spreader kit. The spreader bar should be slightly wider than the rear of the dog. You may cut the bar if needed. The spreader bar should be touching the rear of the dog when the harness is in a relaxed position. Put the screws provided through the fabric and into the pre-drilled spreader bar.

The height of the hitch is adjustable, so the load is always held in place for maximum pull. The hitch ring uses limited side slip to compensate for off-center loads, and the backstraps feature the same sliding "X" as the X-back harness.

Padding options are Polar Fleece, Neoprene or Super Plush. Also Sheepskin available for extra $10.

When you purchase this item please leave us your dogĀ“s measurements (see instructions below) and details of your preferred padding option in the Note-field at the checkout.

Please note that these harnesses are ordered in custom-made so they are non-returnable!

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Wheel Dog / Freight Harness (ManMat)

This harness is designed for dogs who are placed just in front of the sled or rig. The advantage of the harness is the lowered angle of pulling. (The centre tracking line is almost at the horizontal position). This lowers the vertical pressure on the hips of the dog. This harness is suitable also for weight pulling.

Please see instructions on the link below for measuring the Neck measurement - Collar length is where the collar normally sits.

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