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Amundsen Pack by Non-Stop Dogwear

The Amundsen pack is an ergonomically advanced backpack for dogs. Due to its exceptional fit, its multi belt adjustments, optimal and back-friendly weight distribution, your dog can carry its things and food over long distances with exceptional comfort. The Amundsen pack features a large storage volume thanks to its water- and weatherproof side pockets.

Your dog should carry no more than 25% of their body weight. To get your dog accustomed to wearing the pack, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load. If you are not sure which size to choose, please contact us.

S: Back Length 33cm (Border Collie and similar size dogs)
M: Back Length 36cm (Setters and similar size dogs)
L: Back Length 38cm (German Shepherds and similar size dogs)
XL: Back Length 41cm (Malamutes and similar size dogs)


ManMat Dog Backpack

Well padded, weather proof, adjustable chest strap + 2 adjustable belly straps hold backpack in place. Backpack has wide "saddle" that keeps it centered on a dog's back. A ring for attaching a leash is situated on the end of the backpack (allows dogs to pull even with the backpack on). A must for dog trekking! Fits medium to large dogs (from small sized Siberian husky females up to large Malamute males).

S size capacity 16.5L (suitable for dogs approx 23-35kg)

M size capacity 19L (suitable for dogs 35kg+)
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