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Name Patch for Zero DC Gear

Custom made name patch which will be sewed onto Zero DC Harnesses, Belts, Dog Coats or Blizzard Collar. Please note this item needs to be purchased together with the harness/collar/belt. It is custom made so the delivery time for the items is approximately 4 weeks.

Also flags available on request for $10.
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Dog Lead Brace Coupler

A durable lead coupler, designed for walking two dogs on one lead. Simply attach the Coupler onto your dogs' collars, and the lead onto the ring on the Coupler.

A handy way to walk two dogs without getting your leads tangled.

Available in two options:
LONG: 50cm length for each dog. Allows each dog to have more freedom to sniff around etc.

SHORT: 15cm length for each dog. This option is for keeping your dogs close together.

Other colors and lengths can be ordered in (3 week delivery time).
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